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Your Quiz Results are in, and it’s official: your Inner Warrior Goddess is


The Catalyst Queen

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As a Catalyst Queen, you're driven by a deep sense of purpose and an unyielding desire to inspire and lead others.


You know in your heart that you were born to make a difference, and you feel deeply passionate about making that happen.


This intense energy can be a lot for you sometimes, and it has the potential to lead to burnout and impulsiveness, so learning how to harness and direct the power you hold within is a powerful next step on your path.

Your Affirmation

"I am a Warrior Goddess, and I hold the light of my Soul Mission within. I am so grateful and happy now that I am in flow with the love and passion I hold in my heart. The more deeply align with my truth, the greater my world transforms. I was born to make a difference.”

Read on to discover how to step into your superpower + make it a powerful force for change!

Your Inner Goddess Strengths

(a.k.a. The gifts you already have that can help you tap into greater abundance and the birthright of who you came here to be)

Passion Motivation Ambition

You’re also known as a Trailblazer, Luminary, Leader, Influencer, Innovator and Powerhouse

Your Personal At-A-Glance Goddess Guide

Knowing your Inner Warrior Goddess allows you to understand how you can work with your natural tendencies instead of against them and how you can create alignment between your inner truth and your outer work.  


Your external world is an expression of your inner world; as you shift your internal reality…


everything externally will change for you.

unnamed (3).jpg

You’re At Your Best When:

You’re leading transformative projects with passion and creativity, igniting change and inspiring those around you.

You Don't Enjoy:

An unyielding desire to make a significant impact in the world, pushing boundaries and achieving ambitious goals.

You Like To:

Embrace challenges, take risks, and explore new opportunities that allow you to express your innovative ideas.

You're Driven By:

An unyielding desire to make a significant impact in the world, pushing boundaries and achieving ambitious goals.

Your Challenge Is:

Channeling your intense passion into focused, strategic actions to ensure sustained progress and success.

Watch Out For:

Becoming overly impulsive or burning out due to your relentless drive and passion for change, don’t forget that slowing down and nurturing your body, Spirit and Soul is an essential part of the path forward!

What Your Inner Goddess Qualities Says About You

You’re A Force Of Transformation And Passion.

You embody the fiery spirit of change and growth. Your innate ability to ignite transformation in yourself and others is your greatest gift. When you harness this power, you become a beacon of clarity and purpose.

You’re Driven By A Deep Sense Of Purpose.

Your life’s mission is to align with your soul purpose, creating a path that leads to abundance, joy, and confidence. This drive will ensure you can seek ways to evolve and improve, both spiritually and personally.

You Seek Clarity And Alignment.

Clarity is key to your journey. You know that in order to claim your next level of abundance and joy, you need to align with your higher self and your true purpose. This alignment is where your power truly lies.

Your Innovative Nature Fuels Your Journey.

Your mind is a deep well of ideas and possibilities. This innovation can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it’s also your greatest asset. By channelling your ideas into purposeful action, you can manifest your dreams.

How To Embrace Your Spiritual Superpower


Daily Spiritual Practices

Incorporate meditation, journaling, or other spiritual practices to stay connected with your inner self and maintain clarity.


Connect with Like-Minded Souls

Surround yourself with a supportive community that shares your spiritual goals and can help you stay focused and inspired.


Reflect and Realign

Regularly take time to reflect on your journey. Assess what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments to stay aligned with your purpose.


Embrace Change

Recognise that transformation is a continuous process. Embrace the changes that come with growth and trust that they are leading you to your highest good. Challenge is good. It strengthens you and helps you connect more deeply to the resourcefulness of who you are.  Know that the ups and downs are an important part of the path.

target (5).png

Set Intentions

Begin each day by setting clear intentions that align with your soul purpose. This helps focus your transformative energy on what truly matters.  Focus is super important for you…where are you going, and what is your purpose?

Your Aligned Elemental Energy Is Fire

Fire is at the very core of your being. Just like the Sun, the brighter you shine, the greater you become. Balance is key for you, so be careful not to burn yourself out - you will have more energy and the ability to direct it when you slow down.


Remember that light casts a shadow, and your burning bright will bring forward things for others to see within themselves. Sometimes, that might make people feel uncomfortable, and that is OK…the more light you shine, the more you will guide them on the path should they choose to step forward.


Holding love in your heart for yourself and all others as you grow is super important for your progression. The gift of your inner flame is the gift of action, and action is the antidote for fear.


Your fiery drive and ambition light the passion within you each and every day, pushing you forward to achieve your goals - you are unstoppable.

Your Aligned Elemental Energy Is Fire Image 1.jpg
Your Aligned Elemental Energy Is Fire Image 2.jpg

However, that brilliant flame inside you can also be your downfall. Fan those flames too hard, and the strength of your intuition and speed to take action can lead to being a little reckless.  Learning to slow down sometimes is an important balance!!


You know yourself well and you must remember that others need time to keep up AND also be clear about which part of you is deciding to act.  Are you taking action from fear or your true Soul Purpose? If you are not aligned, the more exhausted you become and burnout occurs. You must learn that vulnerability and courage go hand in hand and that as you soften, you can be a powerful force of flow…like water.  Part of your path is learning when to let go and when to forge forward.

​When you harness your power in the right way, your fire is transformational. It shines a light on the path to fulfilment and burns down those limiting beliefs that can keep you stuck. In flow, you are a beautiful force to be reckoned with.

Your Aligned Fire Deities

Pele - Hawaiian Mythology

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes. Her eruptions lead to the formation of new land, and she embodies the essence of transformation and passion. Her dynamic and unpredictable nature makes her a quintessential Catalyst Queen, inspiring respect and awe among those who invoke her spirit.

Durga - Hindu Mythology

Durga is a fierce and powerful goddess in Hindu mythology, representing the triumph of good over evil. She is depicted riding a lion or tiger, wielding an array of weapons in her multiple arms. Her fiery energy and warrior spirit are central to her role as a Catalyst Queen, as she brings about transformative change by defeating demonic forces and restoring cosmic balance.

Sekhmet Egyptian Mythology

Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of the sun, war, and healing. She is often depicted as a lioness and associated with the destructive and protective aspects of the sun's fire. Her fiery nature makes her a fierce protector and a bringer of justice. She embodies the duality of fire—its capacity to destroy and purify—making her a powerful and respected deity.

Balancing Your Fire Energy To Prevent Burnout.jpg

Balancing Your Fire Energy To Prevent Burnout

When you find yourself on the brink of burnout or exhaustion, the elemental energy of water is the antidote to exhaustion.


Perhaps that's running a bath, lighting a candle and putting on your favourite playlist. Or maybe it's going for a walk near the ocean or another stretch of water.


Whatever it is, it's a set period of time during which you should drop all expectations and allow yourself to enter a state of relaxation, letting the roaring fire inside you reduce to a steady glow.


To help you tune into the energy of your primary aligned element, this curated playlist for Fiery Catalyst Queens is the perfect accompaniment.


And now, for the reason you’re really here… to discover how to claim your spirituality and live in alignment with your Soul's Purpose.

Some Inner Monologues which might Sound Familiar….

"I want to make a difference in the world and leave a legacy that actually means something, but I don't know where to start."


"I feel like something is missing, but I don't quite know what." "I'm successful in my work and personal life, but I can't help feeling deflated and unfulfilled. I'm constantly asking myself, is this really it?"


"I feel disconnected from my life. On the outside, my life is perfect, but something is missing on the inside. I'm not aligned with who I'm meant to be"


"I know I was put on this earth for a bigger purpose. I am so much more than my job, family and shoe collection. I just don't know how to articulate it."

Some Inner Monologues which might Sound Familiar.jpg

Now, put those thoughts aside and allow the warrior spirit within you to surface. You are a powerful, brilliant and highly capable wise woman. Get ready to share your magic with the world.
It’s your time!

Let me show you how to awaken the Warrior Goddess inside of you and do battle with yourself. Learn how to step forward and be completely in alignment with who you're meant to be instead of your ego and your fear.

Start by letting go of those inner monologues and instead ask yourself these questions:

When I look back on my life from my deathbed…what will I be proud I have achieved?


If I KNEW it would work out…I would… Is this current life situation nourishing my Soul?


Are my actions aligned with my Soul, or are they based on fear?

Now, step out of the spirituality closet!

Your spirituality is not a secret or separate part of your life, business, or success.

It is the secret to your greatest success in life.

It’s about knowing who you are and acting from a place of deep alignment. Spirituality is your ability to listen to your intuition without questioning it and understanding your higher purpose without being frightened by it. Being willing to explore the part of you that carries the most power, and allowing yourself to break free from the constraints and fears of your mind.

The big question is how?

How do you awaken the warrior goddess inside of you? By connecting to your heart, learning to overcome your limiting beliefs, taking responsibility for creating your reality, and truly believing in all that you are. And I am here to support you in this evolution towards self-love. I want to inspire you to explore new pathways and support you in embracing change.

Are you READY to trust that you are powerful and can lead with that beautiful heart of yours? I’m asking you to let go of everything you've been holding onto so tightly and go with me on a journey of self-discovery.

Your Spiritual Strategy To Help You Find Clarity And Direction

The 7 Stages of Alchemy

The path of the warrior goddess is illuminated by the ancient wisdom of alchemy, a transformative process that can lead to profound self-love and discovery.


It can help you trust in your power, embrace your true self, and share your unique magic with the world. Embrace each stage with an open heart, and you will emerge as a radiant, heart-led healer, ready to make a difference. 

A word of warning… 

Embarking on the journey through the 7 Stages of Alchemy is akin to shedding a skin, a profound transformation that strips away the old to reveal the true essence within. This path is not for the faint of heart.


It demands courage, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery. That's why working with a powerful mentor is so important: to ensure that you don’t get lost in the confusion on the path to your greatest self.

7 Stages of Alchemy.jpg








Stage 1: Calcination

Calcination is the first step, symbolising the burning away of your old self. This stage is about breaking down your ego and letting go of the material and psychological constraints that no longer serve you. Imagine a phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn and renewed. By confronting your fears and insecurities, you allow the true essence of your being to emerge.


Action Step: Reflect on a limiting belief you hold about yourself, such as "I am not worthy." Write it down and then burn the paper safely, symbolising the destruction of this false belief.

Stage 2: Dissolution

Dissolution involves dissolving the remnants of your ego in the waters of your subconscious, encouraging you to delve deep into your inner world and face suppressed emotions. 

By allowing these feelings to surface, you cleanse and purify your spirit, preparing for deeper transformation.

Action Step: Engage in a meditation or journaling practice that allows you to explore and acknowledge your hidden emotions. Let the tears flow if they come; this is part of the cleansing process.

Stage 3: Separation

Separation is about distinguishing between your true self and the aspects that no longer align with your highest good. It’s a process of discernment, identifying the pure from the impure, which helps you reclaim your power and focus on what truly matters.

Action Step: List out activities, habits, and relationships in your life. Separate them into two columns: those that nourish your soul and those that drain you. Commit to nurturing the former and releasing the latter.

Stage 4: Conjunction

Conjunction involves the merging of purified elements of your psyche,  symbolising the union of opposites within you - masculine and feminine, light and dark. 

It’s about achieving inner harmony and balance, essential for spiritual growth.

Action Step: Practice balancing activities that integrate both aspects of your being, such as yoga (mind and body) or creative writing (logic and imagination). Focus on activities that unify your spirit.

Stage 5: Fermentation

Fermentation represents the beginning of spiritual rebirth. It’s the stage where your new self starts to take form, inspired by the divine.

This process is akin to spiritual fermentation, where your soul begins to rise and expand.

Action Step: Engage in practices that connect you to higher consciousness, such as prayer, meditation, or spending time in nature. Look for signs and synchronicities that guide you towards your spiritual path.

Stage 6: Distillation

Distillation is the purification of your newly formed self, which involves refining your thoughts, actions, and intentions to align with your highest self. It’s about achieving clarity and purity of purpose.

Action Step: Create a vision board or a detailed plan reflecting your purest goals and aspirations. Regularly review and refine it, ensuring it remains in alignment with your true self.

Stage 7: Coagulation

Coagulation is the final stage, representing the manifestation of your highest self in the physical world. It’s about integrating all the lessons and transformations you have undergone and embodying your warrior goddess spirit.

Action Step: Celebrate your journey by creating a ritual that honours your growth and transformation. This could be a personal ceremony, art creation, or sharing your story with others to inspire them.

What To Expect On Your Journey

As you move through each stage, you'll confront the darkest parts of yourself, facing fears and insecurities that have long held you back. It's a journey that will push you to your limits, challenging you to release everything you've clung to for safety and comfort throughout your life.


This process of letting go is like descending into the depths of your being, reaching rock bottom where nothing familiar remains.

This process of letting go is like descending into the depths of your being, reaching rock bottom where nothing familiar remains.


In Calcination, you'll feel the intensity of burning away your ego, the very identity you've known. This stage is marked by a sense of loss and disorientation as old beliefs and patterns crumble to ashes. But from these ashes, the seeds of your true self begin to stir.


Dissolution plunges you into the waters of your subconscious, where hidden emotions rise to the surface. It’s a time of emotional turbulence, where tears flow freely, and long-buried pain is acknowledged. This cleansing process is essential for purifying your spirit.


Separation follows as you meticulously sift through the remnants of your past, discerning what to keep and what to release. This is a stage of clarity amidst the chaos, where the essence of your true self becomes more defined.

As you enter Conjunction, the fragmented parts of your psyche start to merge, creating a harmonious balance within. This union of opposites brings a sense of wholeness and inner peace, laying the foundation for spiritual rebirth.


Fermentation heralds the emergence of your new self, inspired by the divine. This stage is both exciting and challenging as you begin to integrate higher consciousness into your daily life. Signs and synchronicities guide you, reinforcing your connection to the universe.


Distillation purifies this newfound self, refining your thoughts and actions to align with your highest purpose. It’s a period of introspection and refinement, ensuring that every aspect of your being resonates with your soul’s truth.

Finally, Coagulation manifests the culmination of your journey. Here, you embody your highest self, radiating the warrior goddess spirit in all you do. It’s a time of celebration and empowerment, where you fully embrace your power and share your unique magic with the world.


On the other side of this profound transformation lies a life of authenticity, inner peace, and boundless potential. You will emerge not just as a survivor but as a radiant beacon of love and healing, ready to make a lasting impact on the world.

New Project - 2024-07-04T165622.321.png

Who is the Warrior Goddess behind this quiz?

Hi, I'm Anna

I've been at rock bottom and clawed my way out.

10 years ago, after years of trying to numb the pain I held inside through people pleasing, alcohol and ticking the boxes I thought society expected me to tick, I finally reached rock bottom. I realised I needed to do something different, but I had no idea what that was. I was a single mum and the only financial provider. I had a ‘good’ corporate job, which I hated, and I wanted more time with my son. I had no idea what to do.

One morning, on yet another hangover, I googled 'jobs for mums' and up came an opportunity to buy a yoga franchise.  I was not in shape and had done very little yoga, but something inside me said - do it! So I did. I bought a yoga business on a credit card and a hangover, and I gave up my London city job to build a business that would enable me to spend time with my son. What I didn't know yoga would do was help me connect to the inner wisdom we all have within.

I found healing, joy, and a connection to who I really was, and my life started to transform…

From there, I have gone on to create a global wellness business, write a best-selling book, and I work with women around the world, helping them rise more fully into their true Soul Mission.  


My heart is so full, and I am deeply grateful to the younger me who took that big leap.  


My life is one filled with joy and gratitude, and I know that is available to every single person who follows their true calling, as I have experienced not only for myself but I witness with women on a daily basis. Based on the journeys of these incredible women I have seen transform,


I have created a tried and tested Spiritual Strategy Blueprint™ to take you on a journey to claim the Warrior Goddess who lives within.

seo_shape2 (7).png

By completing the quiz you’ve taken the first step and and now it’s time to take the next and claim the Warrior Goddess who resides within you..

More than ever, the world needs heart-led leaders to step forward and align with their higher purpose…

New Project - 2024-07-04T165622.321 (1).png
New Project - 2024-07-06T145540.869.png

And I want to help You do that.

For a limited time only, I'm offering a Complimentary Breakthrough Session [Valued at £497] with me (and NOT a sales team!) - to address your individual questions and design a strategy to move you forward towards your next level fast - and see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

In this Complimentary Breakthrough Session, you'll walk away with:


Clarity and inspiration on where you have been holding yourself back and tools to overcome mental blocks and nonsense stories that are blocking you from your next level ​


A simple step you can immediately implement and will support you in getting results fast ​A huge shift in perspective that will enable you to make big, bold and life-changing action


This is an exclusive opportunity for ambitious women who are truly ready to do the work ONLY

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