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For heart-led women who want to build a practice of wellbeing and self-care to awaken their INNER GODDESS

High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson
High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson
Anna Anderson Life Coaching: Women’s Self Love, Empowerment & Spiritual Coach | Haslemere, Surrey

Learn the “Whole Human” Secret to Creating the Life You REALLY Want

A loving community for high-vibration women who want to build a practice of personal development, wellbeing and self-care so they can reach their fullest potential.  

Just Imagine...

Melting away your mind’s resistance to healthy, new habits - so that regular movement, maintaining a wholesome diet, and consistent. meditation become second nature.

​Embedding positive lifestyle changes effortlessly, without your motivation slipping away - even when life gets chaotic!

​Staying committed to your spiritual practice, without guilt, boredom, or your nagging to do list pulling you off track.

Laying unshakable foundations that will help keep alive the routines, rituals, and practices that will pave the path for everything you want to be, do and have in this life.

In High Vybe, you'll get access to...

✔️ Monthly Mindset Masterclasses

✔️ Weekly Tapping / EFT Classes

✔️ Weekly yummy, healthy and easy recipes

✔️ Daily email ‘love notes’ to keep you inspired

​✔️ Everything available live and stored in a pre-recorded library

✔️ Access to the High Vybe private Community

✔️ Monthly Meditation Classes

✔️ Weekly Movement / Exercise classes

✔️ Guest expert Masterclasses

✔️ Peer support and accountability

✔️ An inbuilt calendar to keep you up to date on all classes

✔️ Energy Forecasts...and so much more!



Every day women like you claiming their power and discovering the secrets to creating the life they want.

Over the years I’ve met hundreds of women who understand precisely what they “should” be doing to care for their minds and bodies.


But with every new fitness or health regime, the outcome is always the same…as life gets busy and initial motivation wanes, we fall back into old habits - yo-yo-ing between positive lifestyle changes, and unhealthy patterns.

After years struggling to prioritise my own self-care, I finally uncovered the REAL reason behind my difficulties:


I was not sabotaging my well-being. my MIND was!


Once I grasped this truth, everything I’d been grappling with suddenly made sense. And once I saw self-care through this new lens, it became easier than ever to uphold my healthy routines.

High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson
High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson

This is why I decided to create the High Vybe Community

The fact is that happiness, your success, and your well-being depend on nourishing not one, but THREE CORE ELEMENTS: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT.


Most other “create a better life” programs only take care of ONE of these elements, which is why they are so hard to stick to.


But in High Vybe, we seamlessly blend all 3 elements, to repair and maintain these essential connections, so that you can easily create the foundations for the life you really want.

The whole intention behind High Vybe is to create a loving community where people feel held in their progression and personal growth at a mind, body and soul level.

This space is jam-packed with classes that serve growth, health and wellbeing at a mind, body and soul level AND keep you accountable.

Every strategy inside High Vybe is a method I personally harness every single day, to create tremendous long-lasting well-being and joy.

When you join High Vybe, you’ll gain immediate access to all my best secrets.

What's Included?

Experience a unique online wellness sanctuary where you’ll discover all the resources you need to effortlessly nurture your mind, body, and spirit so that you can create a high vibrational life full of purpose, joy and confidence.

High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson

Weekly Classes

A plethora of weekly classes allowing you to effortlessly move and nourish yourself. Including tapping, EFT, meditation, yoga / pilates inspired exercise classes and more. 

You can experience a significant transformation by dedicating just a few minutes each day to movement and meditation. Even if you have just a few minutes per day – I’ll show you how to make the most of every second when you join us.

Development Masterclasses

Step-by-step monthly masterclasses in Mindset, Self-love, and Personal Development 

True joy and freedom come from knowing who you really are, and believing you are enough. 

Together we’ll uncover positive ideas, solutions, and can-do thoughts. And we’ll steer you away from the worries and anxiety that block your progress.

Nourishing Recipes

Complete healthy recipes of delicious nourishing foods designed to help you embrace and embed new habits that your body with love.

Feel the high that comes with taking care of your body from within. 

High Vybe Community

Obviously, we weren't meant to do this alone and so much more can be achieved with peer accountability and support. Inside High Vybe, you'll find a tribe of like-minded women who are committed to self-love and creating a consistent and enduring self-care practice.

...and so much more
Anna Anderson Life Coach, Spiritual Guide & Mentor
Anna Anderson Life Coaching: Women’s Self Love, Empowerment & Spiritual Coach | Haslemere, Surrey

Inside High Vybe, you get all the tools to reconnect with your spirit, silence the chatter, and finally HEAR what you actually want out of life. And to make it happen.

Membership Pricing



You can easily spread the cost of your High Vybe membership over 12 months.



Pay in full and you'll receive the best value.

Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey

Becoming a member of High Vybe is like finally coming home to yourself. It’s like opening the door to the healthiest and most joyful version of you.

But, don't just take it from me...

"This special space feels so very safe, filled up with heartfelt care, love, kindness, support, choice and learning.

Anna Anderson is the most amazing, inspiring, creative, caring person and her gifts offer the resolution to being the most encouraging, committed and compassionate leader, being available up front with honesty and integrity 💜


The one thing that I especially love, is you get what you were promised, no big sales pitch, or constant emails to sell you more or promise you the earth!"


“I’ve got an amazing network of friends, and a great career. But there was just something missing.


I was punishing myself… not liking myself… and not relaxed in my body.


Nowadays I’ve learned to nourish my mind and body. And I’m kinder to myself.


In short, I now LOVE myself!”


“Working with Anna was like having the best friend I always needed.

She believes in you and really sees how wonderful you are.


Thanks to you I’ve reclaimed ME. And because of that I have a better relationship with my family, my mum, and myself.”


“I always said “yes” to everything people asked of me and I could never do enough to make them happy. For the first time in 45 years, I’ve been putting myself first…


And I have found a whole new sense of peace. I finally have the tools to look after me.”


“For the first time in a long time, I feel positive about the future.


I have more patience with my children, and I have the confidence to put myself out there again.


I’m meeting more mums and I actually have a date this weekend!”


“I kept thinking: ‘I’ll do that when I’m thinner’. I kept putting my life on hold. I was just existing and going through the motions.


Nowadays, I feel happy, confident, and I know what I must do to make my life better.


I’m 50 this year and I’m finally looking after myself.”


“When I first met Anna, I felt like everything was getting on top of me and I was in a bit of a hole.


Thanks to Anna, I’ve discovered strategies that calm me down, make me kinder to myself, and give me confidence to trust my instincts.


Now, I don’t wait for other people’s approval. I believe in myself.”


“When I discovered Anna, I was at the end of my tether.


I got to a point where I felt like my body hated me. And I felt flat and demotivated.


I knew I needed to take back control of my body and my life.


Anna helped me do that.

These days, people keep asking me. “Wow! What’s your secret?”


“I was throwing every ounce of energy I had into looking after my young family. And I was just ploughing through and not listening to myself. Never in a million years did I think I would learn so much about myself. I have learned to love me again and I am truly happy.”


“I didn’t like what I had let myself become. Life was too hard.


But now my whole life has changed. And I can’t believe how easy it was.The change is literally embedded into my life. Now I feel like I’m shining on the inside and out.”


“Now I focus on myself as a whole person. I focus on my health, I meditate, I walk outdoors.


I feel so much better as a person and in myself. And I feel so much more peaceful. Thank you.”


High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson

Join the High Vybe community and experience a personal wellness concierge team, available at the click of a button.

The High Vybe Risk Free Guarantee

Once you’re inside, you’ll have 30 days to test drive High Vybe. It means you can immerse yourself in the community, be empowered by the masterclasses and feel inspired by the content, all totally risk-free. In the unlikely event you aren’t floored by what’s inside High Vybe, you can simply cancel your membership with the first 30 days and I’ll personally see that you receive a full fast refund – no questions asked.

High Vybe Online Self Love Membership with Anna Anderson  | Our Give Back Guarantee

Our Give Back Promise

At High Vybe we believe in changing lives both inside and outside of our community. 

Which is why 5% of all profits go to a featured charity every month.

Through 2024, High Vybe will support Corozon de Vida - an orphanage in Mexico whom Anna and her husband, Mike, have a personal and direct relationship with.


Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey
Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey
Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey
Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey
Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey
Anna Anderson Life Coach & Spiritual Guide Surrey
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